Friday, June 5, 2009

The positives...

We have officially been homeowners again for one week. The stripping of wallpaper and the painting began Monday morning. The Comcast cable guy has been to our house twice (grrr....). The mitigation system has been installed for radon. Our carpet is coming TUESDAY!! There has been a work person here every day and it is wearing on me. I know we will be so happy when everything is done but it's hard to constantly have someone in the house. The painters are great but I haven't been able to touch the upstairs at all yet. It feels dusty and dirty. Taking deep cleansing breaths.

I thought I would include some pictures of things I have found I really like about this house. It's nothing big but I have found some favorites. I think this validates that I have a really simple mind. :)

I love this back yard!! There will be a bit of weeding to do, though.

I never thought I would love a flat top electric range top but this one is great!

The trash can is under the sink and rolls out to open. Love it and so clever!

The washer and dryer came with the house and this is great set. They are high efficiency and can hold a mean load of laundry. The digital panel tells you how many minutes are left on the cycle. Brilliant!

I am quite tired as besides moving this has been a busy week. Molly is busy with her first dance recital this weekend and we have commitments with it last night, tonight and tomorrow. Pictures and details to follow. Just a preview - we realized we have a bit of a performer on our hands!

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  1. Great attitude! Keep looking at the positives, or it does continue to wear on you, and then nobody is happy ;) I bet after next week it'll be much better with the new carpet and paint, so here's hoping that they get it all done!!!!
    (But it's also okay to be overwhelmed and down a bit, goes with the territory of buying a house and moving!)