Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What a real mess looks like...

Moving is really not a very fun chore. It feels like my whole world has been turned upside down. Yesterday we went to the local library to sign up for their summer reading program for kids. We checked out a stack of books and I had to get a Kroger bag from the librarian to put them in. She commented that I usually have my own bag and I agreed that normally I do. I just can't find it yet!! There are about a thousand other things like my library bag that I can't put my finger on. It would also include my camera which I had yesterday and now I can't locate. Today's pictures are a good representation of what's going on here and I had to take them with my phone so the quality isn't as good. I can't believe I'm sharing my mess. The pictures show the kids sleeping arrangements until the bedrooms are painted and have new carpet, a picture of the girls room which had paper stripped yesterday and my kitchen. Oh well, maybe I can do before and after's. I also had to include a picture of my fabulous pantry. Oh, it's the little things in life!


  1. WOW girl...lovin the pantry...need me to make some labels for ya...give me a list, I'd be happy to use my label maker! You will have it whipped into shape in no time!

  2. Great pantry...wish mine had moveable shelves. Before and after shots will be sweet!

  3. In a couple of months, it will all be a distant memory and you can laugh at the mess. I am going to post pics of our mess, at least until my husband sees them and takes them down. But I know how you feel, I cannot find anything, and sometimes I get so frustrated I just want to cry. It all works out in the end though. I FINALLY found the silverware last night, after more than a week of having plastic, which we then ran out of. And the dishes are still no where to be found. Hope they didn't accidentially end up in storage!
    Good luck getting it all put together, and try to remember you can laugh about it later! (Or share it on the blog so we can all laugh at it!)
    And I LOVE the pantry! So jealous!

  4. I love the pantry, too, especially the pull out shelves. There is a wide cupboard in the island that has the pull out shevles, too. It rocks! I do have my plates but I am unable to find my baking dishes so I couldn't make the dinner I had planned for last night. The goal today is to find them and make last night's dinner. The installers were here this morning to put in the mitigation system for the radon and they are unable to finish the project because it is raining and it requires a small hole in the roof. It's hard having workers at the house when you have young children. Every sounds they make they are asking "what's that noise?", 'what are they doing?", "why are is that man in the basement?". 50 questions! The joy of young minds!