Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Enough potty talk already...

Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!! It may have begun here. The dreaded potty time by youngest cherub. I have been trying to ignore it A LOT but I'm not sure I can anymore. I have found Amanda twice today naked from the waist down just walking around minding her own business. When I ask her what she is doing she says "potty" or "pee". What the heck?? I can not afford to have her accidentally peeing on my brand new, beautiful, soft carpet. No way. I have unearthed the potty chair and it now has a spot in the kitchen. We also switched to a pull up this afternoon in hopes that she will realize that taking it off means hang out on the potty. We already knew she had a fascination with taking her clothes off if you remember this post. This has taken that to a whole new level. One that I wasn't quite ready to take. Yes, I admit that I find it much easier to keep her in a diaper longer. Cameron and Molly were 2 very challenging potty trainers and I already had accepted that Amanda would be just as hard. It just can't be that easy. Nope, I don't believe you. After all, I am a bit experienced in this! Ha-ha. I truly don't think that the concept has completely clicked for small fry but she loves the idea of doing whatever her brother or sister do. I just may be the recipient of that enthusiasm!

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  1. Here's hoping for an easy potty-trainer after all!