Monday, July 6, 2009

Why I love Facebook...

My loving husband is never going to get it. I've tried and tried to explain but he looks at me with a blank face. He can't understand my love of Facebook. He can't understand what it is that makes me feel connected. When you move to a new place it can take a while, and I mean a while, to feel normal. You feel like an outsider. You feel like you have a large tattoo on your forehead that says, "Hey, I'm new!" Learning the in's and out's can be a challenge. But, the thing that has connected me the most with the real world is finding friends on Facebook. Especially my sisters from AU. Some of the girls I wasn't necessarily that good of friends with back in the day but we many of us seem to have a lot in common now as Mom's, wives and daughters. I love reminiscing but I also love connecting and sharing advice on life. I am friends with some really smart, cool, and fun women! I just wish that we all lived closer so our friendship could be more than just over the internet! I thank all of my FB friends for their support over the last few months. You have no idea how much it meant to me to read updates about my status from you. It really felt like you were there for me and that means the world to me. You have allowed me to feel like myself even when I have felt new. I have laughed over old stories, old pictures and old memories. The hair and the clothes alone have made me chuckle. And when I talk to my old college friends we have never aged a bit and I LOVE that!! We're still 20, hot and fun! Keep it up, ladies!!

Thanks for being my virtual and real life friends. I love you all!

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