Saturday, August 8, 2009

Anniversary to IL...

Tonight I am missing my high school class reunion. It's a monumental one - somewhere between 15 and 25. It's so hard for me to believe that it has been that long. High school wasn't exactly the highlight of my life. It's such an awkward and emotional time in a girl's life. I like to think that I was a nice girl who was too afraid to break the rules. I probably had one of those lives where the punishment at home would far exceed anything that would happen at school so I didn't test it. I think the worst thing I did in high school was take some "for sale" signs with friends. Why?? I have no idea what our intentions were. I also had a Dad who thought being toilet paper was very funny and he didn't mind it at all. I think my Dad realized that there were way worse things that could have happened and a little t.p. was harmless. I always hated cleaning it up. We had some really high trees!

A lot has happened since I graduated high school. I suppose everyone would say that about their life. One of the most monumental events happened a year ago today. Mike interviewed and accepted a job at Caterpillar on August 8, 2008. I had hoped and prayed that Mike would get this opportunity and it came our way. I knew that it meant moving but it was a chance to further his career and we needed to take advantage. I believe things work out the way they are suppose to.

Happy anniversary to our love affair with Illinois!


  1. Very well written! It's always surreal/interesting for me to look back at where I've been and how I've gotten to where I am. I know it's something everyone does, but it's all unique for each of us!