Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Etc...Part 2

More random things going on here...

Today we purchased Cameron's school supplies. What fun! He really, really wanted to add more than what we needed. He thought for sure he would need a folder with a really crazy cover and pockets. He's going to check and make sure he doesn't need one - it's not on the "list!!" I can't believe in 2 weeks I have a kindergartner. He is sooooo excited! Mommy is apprehensive. I also had to purchase this...

I know my Sullivan Sitcom friend will be giving me a thumbs up on my purchase! The school asks that you label everything, including each individual crayon. What??!!

Tomorrow is stent removal day for Molly. We will go in at 11:30 for a 1 o'clock procedure. I hope we are home by 4 or 5. We pray, on our knees, that this is the last thing that our little pumpkin has to go through. Will you say a prayer for us, too? Thanks!

It has been a rough few weeks here with smallest child. At 26 months we have decided that we are done with naps. Oh no we are not, sister! I try every day and there is blood curdling screams coming from her crib. It breaks my heart and wears on my nerves. Occasionally she will lay down with me on our bed and snooze. That is rare. By 5 o'clock we have one unpleasant little chick. It makes for some very long days. I'm hoping this gets better when Cameron and Molly are both at school in the afternoon. Then maybe she won't feel like she's missing anything. I don't need advice on this, just sympathy! Can you hear the small violin's playing my heart bleeds for you??


  1. Lots of sympathy!! Jonah gave up naps around then, and I hated it, but he was the only one, so I endured...until I was pregnant with Noah. Then I had to nap, so we went through a stressful period every afternoon...that finally just turned into me napping for 20 min in his bed and sneaking out once he fell asleep. And they stopped as soon as I stopped doing that. So I feel for you!!!! Hope it improves in the fall.
    Praying for the stent removal...and FLABERGASTED at the thought of labeling INDIVIDUAL CRAYONS. That's just ridiculous! I'd be more inclined to just buy massive amounts of crayons now that they are on sale for like 19cents a pack and send a new one every week...if the reasoning behind that is kid's stealing other kid's crayons. Ha. Have fun with that!

  2. But I am totally jealous over the label maker...keep hinting at one, and now that they are on sale I just might have to get me one.

  3. I thought one of the purposes of kindergarten was to learn to get along with others. Shouldn't we be encouraging sharing?? Hence no need to label individual crayons!! I'm sure there is a method for their madness. Maybe my 1st grade Mom friends will enlighten me.

  4. Big thumbs up girlie! You are going to be labeling your pantry now...just watch. Did I just say that out loud? No, pantry isn't labeled...(well, maybe just a little!) :)