Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I wanted to share a few random thoughts of my life...

I try my darndest to get the kids up and dressed first thing in the morning. It's usually right after we eat breakfast. Yesterday I really lost track of time. I was trying to get a few things done around the house. I wasn't watching the clock at all. Our first floor is a big circle which has quickly become the area for the kids to do their laps. It can be like the Indianapolis 500. As I was cleaning the kitchen I was obvilious to everything except the noise and shreaks of kids flying by. It became time to have lunch and this is what I found:

I guess Amanda, had yet again, undressed herself and was quite happy to be running around only in her diaper. Molly was the "sheriff" and Cameron was the bad guy. I guess Mommy was the bad guy for not getting everyone dressed. It was only lunch time, it was still early, right?

Dearest husband tackled the job of changing the ancient dial thermostat on our house to a modern, programmable, digital one. This project began Sunday. We were up and running or so we thought. I realized, after he left for work, that the fan was running constantly and the air wasn't kicking on at all. I called him and he told me to look at the instructions. I swear they were in a foreign language to me! I turned it off and opened the windows. That worked for a while but it started to get warm in here and everyone started to get cranky. I now no why people don't want to turn on their ovens when it's hot out. Gross. Mike worked and worked on it. And then he worked some more. Nothing. I went to bed hot and he went to bed frustrated. I called a heating and cooling company this morning and for $150 and two new A/C parts we are up and running again. I find this to be rather ironic but 2 parts went bad on the air conditioner. Who knows but at least we are cool again. I have to say, for Mike's sake and ego, that he had the new thermostat hooked up properly. I am sure I will be saying this for weeks to come. Yes Honey, you did it right!!

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  1. Rest assured, that I too TRY to make sure everyone is dressed and has brushed their teeth right after breakfast, but, well, life gets in the way sometimes! I admit that there are days that Bryan comes home and, well, nobody has gotten dressed. OOPS. Life goes on. Less laundry that way!

    Glad to hear that it is once again cool in the house, and yuck for the $$, but, really how DO people live without A/C? (My parents still do not have A/C- ICK!!)
    Been a rough week over there- and it's only Tuesday. Hope there are no more fish found and that maybe the fridge wasn't leaking after all?