Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Freezing time...

It's the night before I become a parent to my Kindergartner son and I am feeling sentimental. I was sitting thinking about our short 5 1/2 years together. I can clearly remember details of Cameron being born like it was yesterday. The relief I felt when he was born, taking his first gasps and crying from the shock of entering this world. The best sound in the whole entire world. I remember crying as Mike went to go get the car seat so we could take our precious bundle home. I was sitting in the hospital room thinking that the nurses were crazy for thinking we should be taking this beautiful boy home without supervision. We had no idea what we were doing! I can remember Cameron's first steps. How he was trying so hard to do it on his own. Cameron was an absolute joy as a baby. I remember how big he seemed when Mike brought him to the hospital when Molly was born. He instantly became a giant overnight. He looked so huge! I have lots of great memories. But I keep thinking about wanting to freeze time. I am so excited for tomorrow yet it represents many, many more firsts that will come in our life. I have been thinking about people we have met who have children starting their last year of elementary school. The last year before the dreaded Junior High. We have a sweet baby-sitter starting 7th grade tomorrow. I know she will do great but there is all that uncertainty. I think of those we have met starting their first year of high school tomorrow. I wonder if their parents want to freeze time and go back to the days where Mom drove them to school and dropped them off at the door. The days where we needed Mom and Dad more and our friends a little less. All so exciting yet scary in the same breath. Freezing time sounds like a great idea but it wouldn't allow us to grow as parents and wouldn't allow us to see our hearts walking around outside our bodies. After all, that's what having children is all about.

Whether your first day is tomorrow, yesterday or very soon - best of luck on a great year!!


  1. Loved this post - I actually cried! I know she is ready, but not quite sure I am. I thought it was supposed to get easier - ugh! Good luck tomorrow-He'll be fine and so will you!

  2. Amen

    I don't think it matters what year it is, it just feels like the gate of another year is about to open and it all goes so fast! I look at Lily some times and have to remind myself that is the same little girl I used to rock and sing to.

    Tomorrow will be a good day!

  3. It doesn't change when they enter 8th grade either. We had orientation last night, and hence I got up at 5 pm to begin my worrying that I'm doing all I can for them, but not too much so that they don't grow by themselves too. For me, it's a constant struggle for balance.