Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lookout Lincoln Elementary...

Today was an exciting day! It's the day when they post the class lists and teacher assignments for the upcoming year. A very big deal! Cameron is going to the only elementary in town that has 2 classes of Kindergarten so we didn't already know who his teacher would be. Cameron has Miss Shields and will be in the afternoon class.

Molly will be going to the same school as part of their early childhood education program. She was asked to be a peer model for the class. There are usually 2 or 3 peer models out of 10 students in the class. It is a great opportunity for her and the program is free so we are saving the cost of preschool, too. It will be so strange having 2 kids gone every afternoon for school. Molly's preschool is the same length of time as Cameron's Kindergarten. Win Win if you ask me!

Today on our daily adventure we headed out to Northwoods Park here in town. I had this great idea to search for the Letterbox that is hidden in the park. If you aren't familiar with Letterboxes check out Letterboxes is a clue based hunt that is designed for families to do. We weren't able to find one of the clues but I thought we could work around it. 2 miles later!! we still hadn't found the hidden box. The kids were very tired of walking but it was great exercise. Maybe we can convince Mike to help us locate it soon!

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