Sunday, September 13, 2009

A first in the Shook household...

What a weekend! Beautiful weather that started us at soccer Saturday morning. We ran some errands after that and then saw a very discouraging Buckeye defeat Saturday night. Today we headed out to church and then participated in rally day for Sunday School. It's the kickoff that starts the year at church. The kids had yummy snacks, got to go through a blow up tunnel, have their face painted (our kids just did their arm), and do an obstacle course where they got a medal. When we got in the car Cameron said, "Mom, that was REALLY fun!" We really appreciate all the hard work by the education department at our church. They make everything really fun!

After lunch we headed to Peoria and participated in the MS Walk 2009. One of the first families we met here in Morton has been affected by MS this year. Our new friend, Traci Sullivan, was diagnosed with MS in February. With the economy hard hit in our area she was hoping to raise $500 towards the fight against MS. As of today Traci's Troops raised $3,500. Isn't that awesome! I thank those of you who contributed towards my goal of raising $100. Here is a picture of Traci and her husband, Andy and their 2 sweet kids Max and Maggie.

I wish I would have thought to get a picture of us walking but I forgot. It was a great day to walk and there were about 65 - 70 walkers in Traci's Troops. A terrific turnout!

A really monumental event took place after we got home from the MS walk. I have an I've Never List and one of those I can know cross off. I know what you all are going to say. I can't believe this was on Beth's I've Never List but just remember that my Dad always felt this wasn't a girl kind of job. He worried about his princess oops I mean daughter. Well...Today I MOWED for the first time in my life!! Mike needed to mow and was procrastinating so we compromised. He would let me help but only in the back yard. We have 2 mowers since the previous owners of our house left theirs for us to have. Mike is very particular about straight lines but didn't think it would matter as much in the back yard. I set Cameron up wit the Wii and the girls were playing on the swing set and we were good to go. Here's a few pics from the experience. I told Mike afterwards I did an awesome job. He reminded me that every time he mows he doesn't come in the house and say, "I did an awesome job." I don't know, maybe he should, right? :)

I have named the mower Bessie...


  1. I think you both should always mow in's a great color on you I'm thinkin it's a good color for safety reasons! hehe! Thanks again for all your help in helping me raise money for the walk. It was awesome having you all there!