Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random thoughts by me...

I think I'm in a blog funk so I'll just put down some random thoughts and call it a post!

Our school year is going really well. The kids both love their classes and teachers. They both seem very, very nice. It's been good even in spite of the fall Cameron took off the see saw which cut his head open. Nothing a little staple couldn't make better! He took it like a champ - what a Hall he is!! They both talk about friends and Cameron already has his first "play date" set up for Friday. It's kind of strange for me to hear the kids talk about friends and not really know the kids or their parents. I have talked to one Mom on the phone from Cameron's class and know the mother of a girl in Molly's class so there is a little connection. It's been a fun time with school so far. Hope it continues for about 15 more years!

We have fun news from my side of the family. There will be 2 new babies in our family come April. And, NO!!, they are not from us! Both of my cousin's are going to have little ones. My cousin, Jessica and her husband, Dave, are expecting mid April and my cousin, Bill and his wife, Ricki, are expecting late April. Little Lily will be a big sister! All I can say is yea and thank god it's them and not me! We wish them happy pregnancies - such an exciting time!

How much fun did we have at Pumpkin Festival??!! A whole bunch! By Saturday we had had enough so after the parade we were done. If you didn't see our picture on Facebook of our candy loot, holy cow was it a lot! 8 pounds!! It was way too much but so fun for the kids to get. They loved it! We already look forward to next years pumpkin festival. It's the only place in the world where it's cool to wear a pumpkin shirt in September!

The weather here has been unbelievable! It's been a little rainy the last 2 days but we really need it. Not a drop of rain the entire pumpkin fest. Since today is the first day of fall I expect the temperatures to start to drop. Have you seen pictures of snow already in Colorado? Crazy.

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