Monday, September 28, 2009

On my soapbox...

Remember the DINK (dual income, no kids) days where we thought we knew everything and often said, "Well, when I have kids I'll never...(fill in the blank)"? I remember thinking that. I swore my kids would never go outside with out shoes (happened yesterday). I swore my kids would eat from all the food groups. Cameron can tell you in depth about all of the food groups but that doesn't mean he's going to eat from them. I swore I would never cook separate meals for the kids. I'm sorry but Mike and I love salmon and there is no way the kids are interested in it yet. The one thing I have learned the hard way is never to judge another parent. What works for us doesn't necessarily work for everyone else. I can't believe that we had an over 4 year old who still yearned and longed for her Nuk - a pacifier. I can justify it up and down until I'm blue but it was long overdue to give it up. But I can proudly say, when given the opportunity to show us that she is a big girl, Molly has been Nuk free for a month. On her own terms is how she works best. But, I'm sure that there would have been some judgement passed if others had known that she still wanted a Nuk at bedtime. I probably could judge myself!

We know a couple who was recently judged by a complete stranger on their parenting skills. Someone approached them in a public place and told them that they weren't doing their kids any justice by rewarding bad behavior and that they should seek some parenting classes. They didn't know this person and the person didn't know them. The strange part of it is the couple didn't think that their children were acting up all that much. They actually thought they were having a good day. Regardless I have learned that you never judge someones parenting until you have walked in their shoes. This couple has more than one child and we all know how challenging it can be to keep more than one child in check. I keep thinking that what happened to this couple could have easily happened to Mike and I. You can't even imagine how many times a week someone says to me, "wow, you have your hands full!" I get it. I do have my hands full but this is what God intended for us and I have to also take the skills he gave me and do my best to raise nice, responsible and loving children. So instead of judging each others parenting how about a little support? It will go a long way!

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  1. I thought a lot after I heard their story yesterday. I just have to say KUDOS to them for handling it so well.
    I am so glad we have you to turn to. Even tho our kids are older, you have offered assistance in any way you can. Remember, I am here for you also. Even if it is just someone wanting some Subway!