Saturday, October 24, 2009

Good decisions...

I love the feeling of a decision that Mike and I make and we don't have any regrets. They come on many different levels. Picking a good restaurant where we have a super dinner. Excellent feeling. Making a major life decision like moving to another state for a wonderful job opportunity. Super excellent feeling. Picking a new house for some of it's practical characteristics and not just aesthetic reasons. Fun and good feelings. Deciding to get our children vaccinated for H1N1 despite the media and personal influences. Confident feeling. I'm not here to debate the pros and cons of the new H1N1 vaccine or what you think the government/media may be telling us about it. Mike and I consulted with both our internist and our children's pediatrician and went on their advice. They were able to give us compelling evidence and advice to go ahead and do it. There weren't any scare tactics and they were honest. I think that all of us are capable of making really good decisions. We also have made some doozies, too. Luckily not many of ours have been to catastrophic but don't think for one moment that Mike and I do not take decisions for our children's health lightly. There were many a day last spring where I think we questioned some of our decisions on choices we made for Molly. It is a horrible, sinking feeling and one that I do not handle well. We are sooooo blessed that we have those decisions in the past and were able to look at them now as a bump in the road. I think we have learned a lot from it and that is why I didn't take the decision to vaccinate lightly. I feel good about it and I hope that if you are reading this that you support our decision even if you would chose differently for your family. There are no better people to make choices for our children than ourselves. I thank god that we are able to freely make these choices every day.

Happy Saturday!


  1. I think God gives us the children he does because we are the parents for them. He gives us "mommy instincts" that are taylored to those children. We come with our own histories and experieces that shade our choices and our paths. My "mommy instincts" tell me different things with each of my kids. We are blessed to live in a country where we get to be the parent of our little people, Thank God! Even though I am a vacine questioner who thinks the H1N1 thing has been way overrated and made a different choice for my people. I feel blessed that we can make different choices and feel equally as confident and respect each others decisions. I think when it comes to parenting we all have different takes. I think God knew that when he sent these little souls into our care.

  2. Amen! I used to fret about many decisions thinking my boys will end up on a therapists couch some day, saying, "Oh, Doc, it all goes back to this one day when my Dad made me (or didn't let me) do this/that!!!" I've learned to let that go for the most part (but not entirely!) and put a lot in God's hands.

    Sounds like we're living the "square" life quite nicely! ;o)

  3. Thanks for both of your comments. I appreciate that you feel comfortable expressing them!