Monday, December 14, 2009

Metacarpal #5...

Because there seems to be a requirement here in our family to always keep things lively Mike decided to keep up his end of the agreement yesterday. In a classic home accident he was running up the basement steps and tripped and completely wiped out. He caught himself with his right hand and immediately felt a tremendous amount of pain. His pinkie was going in a direction that it really shouldn't be. We went to the Prompt Care here in town and found out that he has a fracture of the Metacarpal #5 or in regular speak he broke his hand. This type of fracture is often called a boxer's fracture. I only wish he had some kind of fantastic story to go along with it but no, it really isn't very good. We really hope that this doesn't cause us to change our plans in visiting our families in Ohio next week. That would be the biggest bummer of the whole thing. We'll find out tomorrow as we visit the same orthopedic specialist that we took Amanda to last spring.

Wish us luck, please!!

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  1. And what color did he finally pick for his cast?!