Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yucky day...

I'm tired. I'm cranky. I have no right to be but this is my blog and I can complain if I want to. Mike's orthopedic visit went well. He's in a temporary cast for a week. The cast is driving him nuts and hurting tonight. The straps that it attaches with are rubbing his skin raw. He is to call first thing in the morning and speak with the doctor's nurse about getting in to have them look at it. I personally think a regular cast would be more comfortable but they didn't ask me. The best part (NOT) of the whole visit was in the exam room. Amanda wanted me to pick her up so I was holding her and listening to the doctor explain how the x-rays looked. The next thing I know she is yakking all over me. All over me. And herself. The doctor looked at me in horror but kept talking and smiling through the whole thing. I wanted to die. I wanted to throw up, too. Gross. Apparently she has a bug because it has happened about 6 more times today. Gross. She is sleeping peacefully right now but I'm afraid to get too comfortable in bed because I'm sure I'll be right back up. I was feeling really sorry for myself tonight until I ran across this...


You have to see this and then know that this group of high school football players are singing this crazy song for their fellow teammate who was injured in a football game in October. You need to read this, too...

This boy is paralyzed from the chest down due to a football injury. He lives in the town next to my parents and I came across his story on Facebook. And I thought I was having a bad day. No way. There are a lot of inspirational people out there. This boy is one of them.

I have no idea what I am doing wrong on adding links. Does anyone know how to do it correctly?? Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

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