Monday, January 25, 2010

Sending out props...

I need to send props out to a group of folks who are making a difference in the relationship between Mike and myself. You know who you are and we so enjoy our hour together on Sunday mornings. We appreciate every one's honesty and experiences and it helps to validate some of the situations we run across as a couple. I am confident in my relationship with my husband but it doesn't hurt to know that others struggle with the same issues/challenges that we do. I sometimes think that maybe we (or just me) should be volunteering to teach Sunday School or help in another way but I selfishly think that the hour of Mike and me time is really important for us right now. Sorry Amy!!

It all comes back to being put somewhere for a reason. We loved our little church in Canton, MI. The people there are wonderful and were awesome to us. But, we were coming to an honest crossroad in our lives as parents. The Christian education offered there isn't anything like what we now have here at Morton UMC. The opportunities we now have are just what we were thinking we were going to need to start looking for in Michigan. We never had to start that look or make the hard decision to do so because God decided a change was in order. Maybe we were brought here to have another door opened.

I am really thinking YES!

After all this deep thinking I think I'm ready for a nap! :)


  1. Beth- I truly believe Meg and I would have followed you and Mike, if you had left, CHUM at the time. It is getting better, Meg and I really enjoy the hour+ we get when we are in church without the kids.
    Hugs, we miss you guys.

  2. We are so glad that you guys were brought into our lives. You have made a fabulous addition to our lil' class. Beth....this ones for you!

  3. Beth, I saw that on a commercial the other day, and I IMMEDIATELY thought of you guys :)

  4. You know that UNDER is the only way to go! I can't believe how many people answered wrong on the poll. :)