Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dura the Explorer...

Do you know who that crazy Spanish speaking television character is...Dora?? Please say that you do!! She isn't all that bad and now when Amanda wants me to do something quickly she says Vamanos, Mommy! Amanda really loves Dora and all her friends. Especially Boots. But the funny thing about watching Dora is that Amanda can't say Dora. She calls her Dura. I correct her and she still calls her Dura. The ironic thing about Amanda calling Dora Dura is that the name of the company that Mike was laid off from in Michigan was Dura Automotive. Amanda was only 14 months old when we moved here so it is purely ironic that she says Dura. She doesn't remember where Daddy once worked. The thing about Dura is that I strongly detest the word. I truly believe that things work out the way they are suppose to but I am also comfortable admitting that there was quite a bit of stress caused in to our family but that word Dura. But, that which does not break us makes us stronger, right? So maybe Amanda's Dura is a good reminder for me to let the past be the past and learn from the experience. So we will continue to watch Dura the Explorer on Nickelodeon. The episodes are on demand to if you want to catch one!

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