Sunday, February 21, 2010

Girls just wanna have fun...

Yesterday was just a regular Saturday around here. I signed Cameron up for t-ball for the summer. I hope it is as fun as the baseball organization leads you to believe. Around 6 o'clock we got a call from the Mom of one of Molly's friends from school. She wanted to know if Molly wanted to go to the movies with them. Of course, she did but I was a little hesitant sending her on her own so we made it a girls night and I went along, too. We saw the Tooth Fairy (very cute) and enjoyed a popcorn. I have given up soda for Lent so the only choice on drinks was Lemonade. It is not even close to a cold, icy Coke but it will do. After the movie we went to McDonald's for ice cream and got a few minutes to chat. It as a first for Molly and me and very fun and something I can see ourselves doing again. For those of us with multiple kiddos you know it can be hard to juggle one on one time with everyone and last night gave me a good opportunity to have some Molly time. Thanks Staci and Abbey for the invitation!

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