Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day...

Sorry. I'm warning you now that this post is going to be a little unorganized or have some really random thoughts on it. Thoughts have been swirling around in this pretty little head of mine (that's what Mike says). Here's a start.

I know some of you were tired of hearing about my anxiety regarding the Valentine's treat for Cameron's Kindergarten class and Molly's preschool class. I had decided on these cute Cupid cupcakes. The first problem - Cameron didn't know what a cupid was. Arrows, love, arrows shooting you in the heart, sounded like a good Star Wars movie to him. The second problem - as I made the first 2 or 3 he comes over to check them out. He states, "aren't they going to just have sprinkles? I only want sprinkles." Oh. So here's what we did...

They were a hit with 6 year olds, too!

When we were trying to decide on a small yet fun little gift for the kiddos for Valentine's Day I was really stuck on what to do. Thank you Michael Shook for suggesting new supplies for our church bag. Color Wonder markers and coloring books and paper, new Twistable Crayola crayons and some stickers completed the gift. They were a hit for everyone and will keep us busy for at least 3 weeks.

When we were trying to come up with the above gift Mike asked what we did last year. Last year our 3 year old was laying in a hospital bed having just undergone her 3 surgery in a week. I am really, really trying not to dwell upon what that week was like. I still get major anxiety just thinking about the situation but I am also really, really damn proud of how Mike and I handled everything. I think it is really one of our best moments as a couple and as parents. We were (for the most part - more Mike than me) calm and collected for our little girl. I was a puddle of tears when she wasn't looking. But, we learned a lot about ourselves, we learned a lot about Molly and we learned that it is perfectly ok to ask questions. We showed a lot of patience. A lot. But, we were fortunate that our patience paid off. It is all good now. Thank you, God.

Note to self. When you give your two oldest children a high tech toy like a Nintendo DS it is not the wisest mood to EVER, and I mean EVER, show it to one younger child say around 2 1/2. The number of meltdowns involved over the toy will never, ever be worth it. I think I may have hearing loss in one ear do to the DS. I am giving you all a fair warning and I may say I told you so. Don't do it!

I can't believe I forgot to show a picture of Cameron's Valentine's box for school. It took 2 parents and one 6 year old to assemble. I am totally saving this to use again next year!!

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!! I did!

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