Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Because this is such a good idea...

I am copying this idea from another blog...


This would be entitled "A dinner gone bad."


  1. Ugh - I really need how to figure out how to add links. I thought it was going to work. Credit needs to be given to :)

  2. Hahahaha! Last night I managed to ruin two bathces of stuffing...STOVE TOP STUFFING. How hard it that?? And not one batch, but two. I amazed even myself. (Of course that is all there was to make so we just had icky stuffing.)
    Looks like you had fun cleaning that up!

  3. This was your offering to the waffle gods. The next batch will work out fine. The same thing happens with pancakes. The first two always turn out terrible. Don't know why. It is a good reason to have dogs.

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  5. BUMMER!!! I'm totally impressed that you took time to snap a picture. I would have been to frustrated to reach for the camera!