Monday, February 8, 2010

Is it just because it was Monday??...

Ahhh, another Monday. Gotta love Monday's. NOT.

The total highlight of my day was I got a call from my favorite Michigan friend, Heidi. We hadn't caught up in a while and Amanda was patient enough to let us have a really good chat. That made me very, very happy. There is just something about a friend who you don't talk to all the time but can catch up and never lose a beat in one phone call. We just laugh and laugh. That felt good on a Monday.

I then went to Wal-mart with Amanda. Cameron and Molly had been dropped off at school and we did our grocery shopping. We were doing ok until it came time to check out. I was 3/4th of the way through the checking out when I realized that my wallet was in the car. The cardinal sin of shopping. I panicked. The cashier was really nice about it and let me run to the car. When I say I ran I literally mean I ran. And I was pushing a cart with a 2 year old in it. I didn't stop, I did not pass go. I swear I was back in 2, maybe 3 minutes. I was out of breath but proceeded to apologize to the woman behind me. I told her I was sorry that I had forgotten my wallet in the car and she says, "Well you better be." And then she kind of laughs, but not really.

There was one of those pregnant pauses.

I wasn't sure, and I'm still not sure, if she was kidding or not. I looked at her for some sort of sign and I got nothing. Nada. I wanted to ask her if she was joking but (for once) I elected to not and just paid and went on my way. Are people really too busy in the world for a little compassion or a little understanding? Was she in that big of a hurry?

I think I will pray for this woman and other's like her who are totally inconvenienced in the world by my carelessness. Because, as Mike can attest, I probably will do this again and have to make the mad dash to the car. It's inevitable. Maybe next time someone not in such a hurry will follow me in line.


  1. At least it was in the car and not at home...I've done that before. Just look at it as giving your fellow line mate a patience challenge. You never know, maybe she made the mistake of praying for patience! You could have just been helping her out. =)

  2. Hey Beth! Thought I'd comment -- so I'm no longer a "stalker". I've done some similar things myself. As recently as Friday! Anyway, found your blog recently thru Daphne's. Can't believe how big your kids are getting. Sure does go by so quickly!