Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hello, is there anybody out there?...

I can't believe I missed my one year anniversary blogging. I missed it!!!

Sometimes every day life just gets in the way. Mr. Shook probably needed some laundry done or a little person had strep/pink eye/runny nose. I missed my March 2nd anniversary. Then I got to wondering is anyone even reading this? I suppose it doesn't really matter because I am trying to document events in my life and maybe that isn't always good reading. But in case there is a stray reader or 2 I am doing a giveaway.


Leave me a comment on this post and your name will go into a drawing for one of these...

I know a few crack/iced coffee/frappaccino lovers and a few organizer/stylish/who doesn't love Kohl's people so those are the 2 gift cards I got. A free $10 to love!

When you leave me a post I need to know some how who you are. You can use code as long as this SAHM/ditzy/possibly in need of a highlight to hide some recently spotted grays is able to catch on.

I will draw for the gift cards on Sunday so you have until then to leave me a post. I am so excited!!! I have had a good time blogging this past year. Thanks for being a follower!!


  1. p.s. To be registered in my giveaway you have to leave your comment on my blog page, not on Facebook comments. Yes, I'm being technical!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog, Beth. I don't read every one but whenever I notice it on FB I go in and read it, although I have never commented. Sometimes you make me laugh and usually I can relate to the mommy/family life joys and stresses! It's nice to be reminded that other families go thru the same things! Keep it up-it is ultimately for you, not us. regards,
    tina c.

  3. Congrats. I had mine last month. I am sure more people read then you think...they just all don't leave comments.
    I always enjoy your humor tucked into your posts..I can hear your actual voice when I read them! ;o)

  4. Hey, sister-in-law! I never miss one of your blog posts!! I just find it difficult to leave comments on here. Thanks for sharing your life on this blog! I love seeing pics of the kids and hearing about everything going on in your lives:) Love ya! ~Emily

  5. I read your posts Beth..It's Amy~let's just go with Kalmeyer.. ;-) and it always makes me smile to know you are going through the same stubborn, toddler ways that I am going through! We are not alone!!

  6. Hi Beth,
    I read your blog and love your sense of humor!!! My wonderful neighbors are your sweet aunt and handy uncle. Congratulations on your anniversary! Daphne

  7. I'm here. I read your blog as I have just started blogging myself. I love it!

  8. Hey there...it's me, one of your crazy-loves- too-organized-and-loves-to-go-to-Kohls friends...the one with a LOT of gray hair that will be colored after bible study on Thursday. Can you guess who I am?? Aww..darn...I should of typed in anonymous and made you guess.

    Happy Blogaversary!

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  10. Hey Beth! Happy Blogging Anniversary -

    My apologies for the above comment. Didn't realize that John was signed in on the Farm Market Blog. Opps!

    I just started blogging myself, for some of the same reasons as you. I've tried journaling and never seem to keep up with it. We'll see if I do any better with this. I enjoy reading your stories! Keep it up!


  11. I check your blog every day and have been a fan and faithful follower since the beginning and I know you will recognize the cutest poodle in the whole world.

    You do a good job writing. I think you have found another skill in your life, other than being a great neice, super mom, caring daughter, sexy wife and fun girlfriend. Oh wait I forgot pretty darn good Grandaughter and other roles that you play in your life.

    The blog will be great to read as the kids grow up. A great way to journal life.

    Aunt Kris

  12. i read your blog! you make me laugh and tear up....i feel like im able to keep up with you and the kiddos (Mr. Shook too...). Love ya Lo

  13. hey beth- i check in on your blog every day and have definately caught myself laughing outloud at times. thanks for sharing moments of your life with us that we can't always take the time to talk about in all our busy hectic schedules of every day life. it has been a privilege to be a part of this past year of blogging with you. keep it up girl! donna (aka pinky from baked blessings)

  14. I'm hoppin' over from Traci @ The Sullivan Sitcom's site. It's always great to meet another mom blogger. Congratulations!! :)

  15. I read you; I'm just not always good about commenting! Which is bad, because as a fellow blogger, I know how fun it is to get comments :) Happy Blogoversary!

  16. Happy blog anniversary, Beth! I love your humor and enjoy your perspective on life and family. Keep blogging!

  17. I really like your blog, and reading about your beautiful children. I have one major complaint though.... and it is so obvious to me and all of the other people who follow your great blog. You need to talk more about that multi-talented, hard working, under appreciated, and hands down the best all around good looking dad/husband in the whole world of yours.

    I am absolutely certain by the sounds of things that after almost 12 years of marriage Mr. Shook is definitely 100% crazy in love with you and he would do anything in the world for you and your gorgeous children, whom look a lot like him. He probably deserves a Starbuck's gift card weekly for all of the amazing things he does on an everyday basis.

    Keep up the great work, Happy “1st” Anniversary on your blog and show more pictures of Mr. Shook ASAP.

  18. Hey Beth,

    I read, I laugh...I just don't comment.
    Keep it up!

  19. Love Kohls as much as I love coffee!


  20. So I totally missed this blog post, because I have been in somesort of blog world avoidance mode, but I had to comment after reading the comments!

    Too funny that you have a request for more pictures of Mr.Shook! Made me giggle.

    I do read, I love peeking into your family, but lately it tends to be several entries at a time...maybe that will change in the near future!