Monday, March 15, 2010

High expectations...

Well, it has happened again.

Cameron brought home a yellow slip from school.

Apparently we got a case of the giggles during a movie in the library. The librarian asked them to stop and they couldn't. I think about 5 boys had to move their number in class. It's kind of hard for me to be angry about this when it was laughing. I know that there are times to be serious but Cameron certainly didn't instigate the giggling. Cameron is not a natural leader. He probably started and just couldn't stop. I suggested in the future to maybe move his seat if something like this happened again. Of course, as the Mom, I had to bring down the iron fist on discipline. I told him no Wii or DS over the weekend. He spent some time in his room after school on Friday. We thought about our actions (or at least I encouraged him to do so). I then went up to talk to him about it. Tears were welling up in our eyes. I told him that we needed to make good choices at school. That even if something was really, really funny it might not be the right time to laugh so much about it. And then I told him that I would have to talk to Daddy about our potential trip to visit the Lego store in Chicago in May.

Side note - Mike had told Cameron that he could pick out a Lego kit if he doesn't move his number the rest of the year. Remember when he had to move it on birthday treat day??

Cameron's weepy eyes got as big as saucers and he burst into tears. (I know what your thinking, effective parenting, right?) I told Cameron that Daddy has very big expectations for him. And Cameron says through the tears, "What does that mean??"

So much for my good parenting. I have expectations that a 6 year old can't quite understand. Then I felt really bad. I told him to just really try and make good choices at school.

I'm having a hard time being really upset over this. This really doesn't seem all that bad. I have had the giggles before and sometimes they just feel really good.

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  1. I remember when I worked at the Cleve. Clinic and had to explain tests to patients and my co-worker and I got the giggles over something and I literally could not stop!! It was overwhelming and I remember excusing myself for a moment because the patient was not very happy with me! It happens to the best of least he was happy!