Monday, April 26, 2010

Counting the days away...

After spring break I decided to come up with a way to help the kids understand how many days of school were left. When we started the process there were 45 (including Saturday's and Sunday's). We made a simple paper chain to count the days down.

We hung the chain on one of the french doors so we can rip one off every night before bed.

Did you know that as of yesterday there are only 30 days left!! The end of school will be bittersweet for me. I am looking forward to it but I also know that it means a lot more together time and we will need to find some things to keep us busy!

On Saturday Cameron had his first t-ball game. He is playing through the Morton Youth Baseball Association and is on the Sand Gnats team. The Sand Gnats are a real minor league team in Savannah, Georgia. We play against other teams called the Mudcats, Timber Rattlers, Muck Dogs, you get the idea. Very cool names for these boys! God bless the coaches who are teaching beginning baseball to 5 and 6 year olds. Patience! Here is our boy at his first game...

Cameron's absolute favorite part of the game was the inning where he got to be the catcher. Since it is t-ball the catcher is more of a helper to the coach who is putting the ball on the "t" and of course is responsible for all the plays at home. Since they don't keep track of outs or runs the plays at home are minimal. But, Cameron still LOVED IT!!!

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  1. With a name like Cameron, he needs bigger shoulders. What a cute bunch of pictures. I cannot believe how grown up your baby boy is. These definitely are the "Good Old Days."