Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Springtime fun with safety...

In case you may need Amanda to cut down a tree or use a sharp tool she is ready...

I have no idea why she INSISTED on wearing the safety goggles for our walk but as with many things she does I just go along with it. I tell you, no rules with this child!

On Saturday Mr. Shook ran a 4 mile Race for the Heart run at Eureka Lake. Let me just say his supporters were FREEZING!! But, we tried not to complain...can you see the cold in Molly's face??!!

Here is our favorite guy running by to the finish...

Can I also say that Mr. Shook has a little secret to share. At this time last year he was the heaviest he had ever been. Since he started taking up this interest in running and has eliminated all soda from his diet he has lost 16 pounds!! We are so proud of you! You rock!

Interesting note...tribute to Mark and his Falcons with the BG shirt. The guy sitting next to us at the post race lunch (i.e. free hot dogs!) was a Bowling Green grad and also was wearing a BG shirt. How ironic! Small world from the Buckeye state!

A week from Saturday Mike is doing his next 1/2 marathon in Champaign. Stay tuned for the pics!


  1. Was that ambulance waiting for him that is in the background?? LOL
    Bravo Michael, I bet you feel better too.
    Amanda reminds me of Amy, marching to the beat of her own drum!

  2. That's awesome Beth...your kids make me smile!