Friday, April 16, 2010

A week in review...

All I can say today is TGIF!! It has been a busy week here.

On Tuesday morning I decided to go with my intuition and have Molly's shoulder/collarbone/ribs looked at again at the pediatrician's office. Three times on Monday she burst into tears over different things regarding the continued pain. Under no circumstances could we pick Molly up under the arms. Instant tears. So I thought it best to take her back into the doctor's office. After a 2nd set of x-rays it showed that her collarbone is indeed fractured. There isn't anything you do for it other than not allow her to swing from the ceiling, wrestle with her brother or get it bumped. We'll do our best, Doctor!

On Wednesday we had Amanda's one year VCUG test at the hospital. VCUG stands for Voiding Cystourethrogram. They insert a catheter into the bladder, run dye up to your kidneys and x-ray the dye coming out as you void. Easier said than done! This tests for kidney reflux and Amanda's results were the same as last year. Not any better, not any worse. We were given some options by our great doctor and we decided to continue the antibiotic for another year and see what happens then. I told him that to me this is like a scab with a band-aid on it. It's not quite healed and ripping the band-aid off exposes me to all the feelings I had last year with Molly. Sorry. Not quite ready to go there. And we are so lucky that our doctor totally supports (and understands) our decision.

Tomorrow we head to Eureka, Illinois for Mike to run in a 4 mile race. I say head to Eureka like it's across the state. I just used mapquest and Eureka is a whole 18 miles. We haven't been to Eureka yet so it seems farther than that! Maybe this time I will remember my camera. We have quite the runner in our house now. Maybe it will be contagious. Or maybe not.

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  1. Good luck with everything. And, whatever you do Mike, don't get hurt!