Monday, April 12, 2010

There are 2 bathrooms in the Wal-Mart...

Did you know that there are 2 bathrooms in the Wal-Mart here in Morton? I bet there are 2 in your Wal-Mart in where ever, USA. The reason I know this is because I have kids. It never fails that we hit either of the 2 bathrooms at any given visit. Sometimes we have even visited both!

Today we had a productive morning. I got up early (I won't admit the time because some smarty pants will email and say that it wasn't early, but it was early for me!!) and got the kids ready so we could attend the Moms In Touch meeting this morning. Are you familiar with it? It was only my 2nd meeting but you go and a leader reads scripture and then it is an open time to pray out loud for your children, their classmates, their school, the administration at the school, everyone associated with the school. We even prayed for the crossing guard today...Rhonda. It lasts about 30 - 40 minutes and I leave feeling positive about our community, the parents at the school and our kids futures.

After that I hit the gym. Not my favorite thing to do but it felt good to go. The kids don't mind playing with some friends there and they got in some good coloring time, too.

That's when we hit Wal-Mart. I have a goal to start a project to give the kids a concept about how much time is left for the school year. But that's an upcoming post...
Cameron announces 1/2 way through the store that he has to go potty. Great. We hike to the back of the store because I like the family restroom much better. A gentleman is cleaning the bathrooms but says we can use the Family one. Thank god!! I'm just not ready to send Cam in alone yet. We all go in, I beg them not to touch anything, ANYTHING!!, and Cameron starts his process. He starts giggling and announces that when he got dressed this morning he must have forgotten to take off his old undies before he put on new ones because he is wearing 2 pairs! We laughed and laughed about it. My clueless boy can be really, really funny. And maybe he is a future boy scout? Always be prepared!

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  1. Did not know Wal-Mart has 2 bathrooms! Will have to check that out. We knew every bathroom everywhere we went when Amy was little...she loved public restrooms! UGH!
    That is so cute about can be so funny!