Friday, May 21, 2010

Michael Robert...

Well, well, well...look who has a birthday today! I had a friend call and offer all kinds of prank gifts for Mike today but I had to remind her that paybacks are a you know what so I will be kind to the love of my life.

Michael, you are a wonderful husband and father and I know something or someone other than luck brought us together. You are the calm to my busy days, you are the sensible one when I say I have a "great idea", and you just love me the way that I am! Your children absolutely adore you, too.

Don't let life pass you by! Keep on taking interest in running and enjoy yourself. You have aged like a fine wine, baby!

And don't let any kids pass you in anymore races!!

Happy 40th, Mr. Shook!


  1. What a nice selection of pictures. It really tells the story of who Mike is. He loves his family!

  2. Life has been very good to me, and it is due to you and our amazing kiddos. It is never a dull moment at the Shook's. We make a great team.... Go Shook's! As for the 12yr old supposedly beating me, that never happened. My competitive drive along with my 40yr old knees helped me kick it into gear before the finish line.