Tuesday, May 25, 2010

School's out for summer!!...

I can't get the Alice Cooper song out of my head!!

Today was the kids last day of school...sigh. I think I'm ready for a different routine but I'm also not quite ready on things to do to keep them busy. In a few weeks our park district activities will start and that will take up some time each day. Swim lesson, t-ball, soccer, teddy bears camp, oh my!

Today was Laugh Olympics at the kids school. I helped at the kindergarten station and it was sidewalk chalk. To be honest with you the kids don't like it. BORING! 20 minutes of chalk time is more than enough! Here are a few pics from the fun day!

Check out these cute bug shirts that Molly's class made. The whole class wore them today!

Can you read the fine print?? That's right...my boy is going to FIRST GRADE!! Yahoo!

It was a great year!

This past Sunday we went to watch my niece's, Regan and Cailin, in their dance recital. Here are the 2 girls together. They are getting so old...which just makes me older, too...

Awesome job you two!

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  1. Wow, your kids get out early! Oklahoma isn't even done until Friday. Ours are June 4th. Yours probably go back earlier also. Have a fun summer!!