Sunday, May 16, 2010

The next step...

This week has been full of things that are taking "The next step."

"The next step" is the slogan for our new fundraiser to bring down some financial debt at our church. About 21 months ago our church moved from its original location to a new church about 2 miles away. Our church now has to start paying on the loan they took out to build the new church. The amount can seem overwhelming at times but I have been impressed with the enthusiasm and the responsibility that the church leadership has taken to pay down this debt. We are already outgrowing our new building and there is a second phase to build education classrooms but we can't do that until we take care of our current financial debt. Today was the day that we pledge our giving for the new 3 years on this campaign. The church asked children to submit a picture that showed what they loved about the church and their picture would be considered for a bulletin cover. Cameron drew a picture of the church and his Sunday School class. It is very 6-ish looking but I allowed him total artistic expression on it and he did a great job! I just let him know that I was pretty sure that Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker do not attend our church...

Also this week Cameron had his Kindergarten program for the end of the year. It was soooo cute! Here are some pics of the big event!

Every child in the class had a line to memorize and Cameron did an awesome job speaking into the microphone. He talked loud and slow, just like we practiced. It is so hard to imagine that we only have 7 more days of kindergarten. First grade is breathing down my neck! My boy is much more ready that I am!

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