Friday, May 7, 2010

Who's day is it?...

I hope this is a problem in other households and not just ours.

The kids fight/disagree/bicker over things such as who gets to sit by Daddy at dinner, who takes their shower first, who's turn it is to pick a movie, etc. We copied an idea that Mike's brother's family uses and assigned a "day" to Cameron and Molly. Originally Cameron was odds and Molly was evens. Worked well and I could easily figure it out as long as I knew what day of the month is was. That can be trickier than you might think if you are a SAHM, right??

Well...small fry figured out how to get in the mix and wanted a day, too. We use to humor her and pretend to make it her day but this is one smart cookie we have on our hands. That didn't work for very long. Take note Mark and Emily...Michael Shook solved the problem.

Doesn't everyone have one of these?

You need a closer look, don't you?

Oh yes, it is a chart FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR!! Every 3 days it is their day again and boy do they remember now that we have a chart. Cameron is blue, Molly is pink and Amanda is red. It has made life a lot easier for me. I now go look at the handy, dandy chart and I know exactly who's turn it is to hand out the silverware. No more counting to 3's for me. That was tricky. Ha ha.

On the off chance that there are 31 days in the month guess who gets a day. Bingo, me. Well guess what...I'm going to cash in all of my days on Sunday and have a very good Mother's Day. Right, Mr. Shook??


  1. What a fantastic idea! I'm dying to know how Mr. Shook made that calendar!

  2. Me too...can he make one for me! LOVE this! Mr. Shook just got another bonus point in my eyes! Gotta love a guy who can make a nice chart!