Friday, June 18, 2010

A huge thank you...

A few weeks ago we had some friends over to celebrate Molly and Amanda's birthday's. It was a fun time and Mr. Shook and I decided instead of gifts we would like to try something different. We asked our friends to bring new and unopened craft and art supplies so we could donate them to the local Children's Hospital. It was a hit and we got so much great stuff. The kids and I dropped them off today...

We owe a huge thank you to The Sullivan's, The Majors', The Bair's, The Tewksbury's, The Hall's, The Grieder's and The Anderson's for helping us to make the donation such a success! We all help make a huge difference today!

It's hard for me to believe that a year ago today Molly was having her last surgery that corrected all the kidney and ureter problems that she had been having. Kind of ironic that I realized that as I was getting ready to drive to the hospital. These fun supplies will bring lots of smiles to some very sick and scared children. I think we will need to make this a yearly thing.

Thank you everyone!! Thank you friends!!


  1. A wonderful idea and such a great way to teach the kids about giving!! Kudos to the Shooks!

  2. What a great, great idea!! I love arts and crafts and I love teaching the children about giving! So sweet and perfect! Kudos, again ... to the Shooks and their friends!

  3. Not sure if I posted my last comment, so sorry if it's a repeat. But wow, what a lovely and kind gesture! You Shooks ROCK! There should be more people like you in the world.

  4. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. We owe so much for the excellent care that Molly received at this hospital last year that we do all we can to pay it back. Our friends helped out so much, too. We have made some really great friends here. So generous!