Sunday, June 6, 2010

What a start to summer!!...

It has been one busy week here in Morton, IL!

It started on Tuesday with a garage sale at my house for us and my friend, Diane. The town we live in has the most interesting (strange!!) garage sale days. Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings. We opened the doors at 1 on Tuesday and within the first 20 minutes I had made my first $100. Yes! Bye-bye Co-sleeper, sit and stand stroller, double stroller, booster chair, one single stroller, and lots of clothes! It feels good to have purged a little.

Thursday started a 3 day bonanza of Molly's dance recital. It is a fun, but exhausting, 3 days. Thursday is the rehearsal and Friday and Saturday evening are the performances. Here's a few pics from that...

On Sunday we had over some friends and their kiddos to celebrate the girl's birthday's. It was fun and the perfect reason to get out the slip and slide!

Then on Monday night we took the kids to a kid fun run at Proctor Hospital in Peoria. They have a quarter mile walking path that they allow the Illinois Valley Striders (Mr. Shook is a member) to use and host a run for kids. All 3 kiddos did it and it was a perfect way to celebrate Amanda's b-day!

We really have kicked off the summer good here! Hope you are enjoying lots of fun things at your house!

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  1. How sweet the kids look! Love hearing about your family...thank you!