Monday, June 7, 2010

Amanda Halle...

Today my baby turned 3. It seems just like yesterday that Mike and I drove uneventfully to the hospital for Amanda to be born. When you have a scheduled c-section there isn't much drama to it. It was a typical c-section birth for a not so typical baby. She has always been a spit fire, opinionated, afraid of very little and attached to her Mommy and Daddy's side. Some of you may remember just a year ago when I tried to leave her in the nursery so I could help at our church's vacation bible school. Amanda wanted very little to do with that. I don't get very far out of her sight yet I have left her with several friends without any problems. I think there are a few of you out there that have warmed to her little heart.

I knew from an instant that I was pregnant with this little one. I could just tell in my heart. I dreamt that she was a little girl even before we were able to find out. I can't imagine our lives without this little girl. Even if she is giving me more gray hairs daily! You absolutely give the best hugs I have ever had!

I love you Miss Amanda!

Who couldn't love this adorable face??...

I know you were brought to us for a reason and I thank God every day for that. As I tell your sister all the time I hope you are always known for being a nice girl who is friends with everyone. That will get you very far in life.

Happy birthday, my little one!

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  1. Sweet post for a sweet little girl! btw, how do you pronounce Amanda's middle name?