Monday, July 19, 2010

Hunger Pangs...

Believe it or not I have gone to the gym, consistently, 2 weeks in a row!

Can you hear Mr. Shook mumbling under his breath that he is glad that I have finally taken advantage of the membership he got us?

I have been very conscious about the food choices I have been making, too. Minus last Tuesday, with my Abigail circle girls, when someone had brought the very tempting brownies and I felt that I should really make sure that they were safe for everyone to eat. All be darn, they were!

Here are a few of what I have been picking for my hunger pangs. Don't give me the carrots, celery and other cut up veggies. Oh no, when I am needing something it has to be small and sweet.

This is a real treat. If you get to a Trader Joe's pick yourself one of these bars. Organic dark chocolate with raisins and pecans...heavenly! One square for me and then it goes back to the freezer. Yummo!

My middle child and I love both of these things. We love our "big raisins" and we split an orange. Helps your tummy and then helps the other end, too. We are all about being "regular." Plus it's another yummy treat from Trader Joe's. Pick some pitted prunes up on your next visit. Molly and I will tell you that they are the best!

When you need a little sweet and refreshing taste these bite size York Peppermint Patties to the trick. Can you see I have a dark chocolate theme here?

I am experimenting with other lo-cal snacks so more later...
Happy healthy snacking!

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