Saturday, July 10, 2010

The pain has begun...

I can't believe I am sharing this for the whole world, or at least my bloggy friends, to see...I am not one who usually wants to share the potential defeats in her life.

Here is what I am staring down today...

Do you know what these are for??

That's right...


Cutie created a potty chart this morning, of course wearing the sacred Ohio State Trickerleader outfit. (That's what cutie calls it!)

I don't have a really great feeling that we are going to be super successful so a little prayer might be helpful. Miss Amanda's brother and sister are breathing down her neck (and mine) to get this pain over with. I think they are feeling hostage to the stickers and Smarties. We are on our second Capri Sun so there has to be some pee in there, right? I have to go myself just talking about all the liquid! Dearest Daddy has promised Culver's to his little one if she successfully pees 2 times on the potty. For the love of all things yummy, please do it, Amanda!!

I'm not due for a highlight on the locks for 2 weeks. After this experience I may need it done soon!

Wish us luck!! And don't judge me if this isn't successful!

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  1. Cute post....who says girls are easier???? Oliver will be 3 in September and has been trained for months...except at night has accidents. Good luck, I can still remember those days of yore!!