Friday, August 27, 2010


Today we will finish our second week of First grade and Kindergarten. We are still adjusting to getting up early (remember when I thought anything before 7 am was the middle of the night!), eating lunch at school, the longer day for first grade and all the rules and expectations.

Cameron still isn't eating the best at lunch but this is the second day that he has agreed to take a yogurt in his lunch and I feel a little better now. He rarely has drank any of his drink and I can't believe he's not thirsty. He says he's not and that he doesn't have much time. It seems like everything in first grade is rushed and he doesn't have much time. Maybe I have a pokey boy.

Kindergarten has been a breeze for my girl. I really think her introduction to school last year in her early childhood class has made her transition super easy. She is use to the routine, although Kindergarten is quite a lot less playing, and Molly already was familiar with the specials that they have. Gym, library, computers, music. Today those who have remained on green for the week will get to go to the treasure box. A huge deal and we will show our treasure soon!

Maybe the biggest adjustment has been for me. I'm trying to figure 1st grade out as much as my boy. I sometimes hate that he has to be the guinea pig for our family but he is pretty good about it. Today on the way to school Cameron informs me that some kids have been bringing a jacket to school because they are cold in class. I ask if he is cold in class. He tells me yes. I feel defeated. I really wish he would have said something BEFORE we were already on our way to school. I really wish I could read his mind and know before he even asks. I guess even the Mom's who really try hard don't know everything. There is still room for improvement!

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