Monday, August 23, 2010

Some kind of storage thingy...

I really try and do my part in keeping my world a slight shade of green. I'm not great at it but I do put forth the effort. I am really struggling with how to handle Cameron's lunch differently and the be kind to the environment. I feel like I am using a ton of Ziploc baggies to make his lunch. He wants everything separate (not a fan of foods mixing yet) and therefore everything then has it's own baggie. I am envisioning a container I can use that has several compartments to keep things separate. Kind of like a divided plate with a snap on lid. Does anyone know if anything like this exists? Has to be able to fit in a lunch box, too. One of you clever Mom's will have an idea for me. And I already checked out Wal-Mart and they didn't have what I was looking for.

My poor boy comes home starving every day. He says he doesn't have a lot of time to eat. I'm guessing it's about 20 minutes. I hope that we can find a happy medium on lunches so that he eats enough/more and still enjoys it. This is all part of starting first grade, right?


  1. Maggie usually came home with a full lunch box during 1st grade...I think she was afraid to be the last one eating. She thinks it's better in 2nd grade...even though it's exactly the same as 1st grade. Hang in there...he'll be fine.

    Also, I use a reusable sandwich container to put Maggie's crackers/ham in. She's not a big sandwich eater, but I still use the container for that.

  2. I will keep my eyes open. I am so proud that you are even thinking this way. I get crazy when I think of all the packaging for "lunchables" and that sort of thing.

    If you have to use wrap, maybe try the old waxed paper. It makes a nice placemat and then is biodegradable. It doesn't work so well for things other than sandwiches.

  3. I agree, it is good you are trying to make it more eco-friendly, without losing your mind. If you figure something out, let me know!

  4. I once found a great little divided box in the tupperware section of Target. We used it for "mommy lunchables" -- aka homemade lunchables. It worked really great for awhile--until the lid broke/cracked. Haven't seen once since. I also used some sandwiched shaped boxes that I probably picked up at WalMart or Target. It worked at least for the sandwich part.

  5. Oh, too -- They do tend to eat their lunches quickly because they want to get out on the playground with their friends. We worried a lot about Matthew and eating his lunch. We made him just put his unfinished lunch back in the bag just so we knew what he had ate. He did that clear thru the sixth grade--became such a habit, couldn't break it! It's hard at first, but it will all work out.