Wednesday, February 2, 2011

100's day...

Monday was a big deal in the life of a first grader and kindergartner.

It was 100's day!!!

That means that it was the 100th day of school. Cameron had to make a hat with 100 of something on it...

Additional view...

Molly had to take 100 of something food related to share with a class snack mix. We choose fruit loops!!

Cameron brought home a book that he had made in honor of the day.
I thought it was worth sharing...please understand some of our first grade spelling errors :)

My 100 Book
by Cameron

I wish that I had 100...brothers.

I would not want 100...sisthers.

I could eat 100...meat balls.

I could never eat beans.

I can lift 100...girls.

If I had $100 I would buy...a nurf gun.

On the first day of school I couldn' chapter books.
But on the 100th day of school I chapter books.

I think not being able to eat 100 green beans is a direct shout out to Uncle Mark! Dudes have to stick together.


  1. Beth,
    That book is a keeper. Kids are so funny! I am loving that hat! Paula