Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I think I would make a great president...

OK, this isn't the kind of post you might be thinking it is. I, personally, don't think that I would make a great president...OK, maybe I would (ha ha!) but this is a post by my boy who wrote this in his first grade class today. They have been studying about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln since they both have birthday's in February.

Here is Cameron's writing essay...again understand his spelling errors...

I think I would make a great President.
I am a good leader.
I would make the laws like no fighting and being bad.
I will save the corunry from bad guys.
Being president would be fun!

The other night Mike was helping Cameron do a puzzle of national monuments and buildings. Cameron pointed to the White House and said, "Is that where President Obama lives?"
He really is learning!

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  1. Love that guy! Too bad he has to go to school while everyone else has the day off!