Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday...

Wow, has it really been almost a month since I last had a blog post?? I sure act like my life has been busy or something.

Today is Fat Tuesday.

Please tell me that you know what I'm talking about or hopefully you even partake. I'm sure this just isn't another one of those awesome Ohio ideas. This is nationwide, right??

It's been a tradition in my family to always eat pancakes on this day. Mr. Shook was happy to partake in this particular tradition. We do it well.

Here are some pictures from our cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip pancake extravaganza...

Then we have our youngest on the flooring having a small tantrum because our sister wanted the pink cup...who's day is it, Amanda? Remember the post on our "day" calendar?

Here's everyone enjoying a Fat Tuesday yumm-o dinner!

Now down to the real business. What are you giving up for Lent? It's something Mr. Shook and I always do. I have to usually pick something that I really have been abusing. I knew exactly what I need to give up. I drank my last Polar Pop/Large Soda of the day today. This one will be hard but I know that is the point. After all, nothing significant about Easter is easy. I don't think there was one minute not hard about Jesus dying on the cross for me. What a truly painful way to die. The weight of the world on his shoulders.

Thank you, Jesus, for your sacrifice.

You took away the sins of the world.


  1. That's a good one Beth...does it mean you can still have your McDonald's tea? Just wondering! Your polar pop and my chips are nothing compared to what He did for us. This is the least we could do.

  2. The tea is a gray area for me. I know that I shouldn't so I won't, right? Soda is black and white but I love my unsweetened ice tea as well. Can I make it on water and milk alone?? :)