Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let's be honest...

Let's be honest...

Do you really care what I ate for dinner tonight? No.

Do you really care that it's a tradition here in the Shook household. No, probably not.

Do you really care that I am giving up soda for Lent. Definitely not.

So let's be honest...

I am so sad tonight.

I don't want to get up from this computer to go give my children showers. I don't want to do anything. I am just going to be sad. But, I thank God every day that I can do things like showers. Even if I hate it.

My friend Heidi, who I've blogged about before, is putting up the fight of her life. And I live about 400 miles from her and can't do a thing. No, that's not true. I can do something, I can pray.

Heidi just finished her (hopefully!!) last chemotherapy treatment last week. And is now sick as a dog. And I can't even imagine. Since her second to last chemo treatment she spent almost 2 weeks in the hospital with a pulmonary embolism that was very, very painful. And scary. And now she is home, throwing up, tired and just worn out. But she is going to beat this stupid, cruel disease. She's just not going to kick it she's going to squash it to a pulp.

But, I'm still sad. On February 15th Heidi celebrated her 40th birthday. Her Mom told me today that on her birthday she got up, put on her wig, did her make up and put on real clothes. Heidi's daughter, Sierra who is 7, came home and was so happy. She told her teacher the next day at school that her Mommy looked so beautiful on her birthday.

Heidi, you look beautiful every day and it is as much on the inside as it is on the out. I wish I was closer so we could look at Pottery Barn catalogues and talk about your awesome sense of decorating. I wish we could eat hummus and chips and drink a lot of Coke. Screw Lent. :)

Because, after all, this is really what I should be blogging about. This is really what matters to me today.


  1. Prayers for your friend, Heidi. How devastating this disease is.

  2. Keeping Heidi and her family in our prayers. Sometimes I forget how blessed I am. Thank you for sharing her story to put it all in perspective.