Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mildly mediocre Pinterest...

Are you all on the Pinterest craze??

My friend Erin and I decided this morning that hours and hours of precious time can be wasted scrolling through beautiful and creative pins. Recipes, decorating, crafts, fashion, hairstyles, you name it. Someone has pinned it! Books, movies, music...the list can go on and on.

I came up with a craft that I found online for Molly's First grade Valentine's party. No, I didn't find it on Pinterest but I'm sure it's been pinned there by other adventurous crafters. I was pretty darn pleased with my example. My friend Dana said I needed to pin it on my board. I'm pretty sure the Polar Pop I was enjoying went immediately through my nose with my laughter.

So, I think I should create a new social/craft/handy website for those of us who are somewhat capable of copying an idea off of Pinterest but seriously have no business putting our own copies on there.

It is called Mildly Mediocre Pinterest...

Step 1 - take a picture of your creation with either your camera phone or a plain, old point and shoot. No big ass fancy lenses allowed on my site.

Step 2 - Bask in the glory that you actually did a craft, used a glue gun and FINISHED IT!!

Step 3 - Bask in more glory that you were able to help teach (with the help of your friend, Jill V.) twenty-one 6 and 7 year olds how to do it. I only burned my finger once on the glue gun, said SH** once under my breath and shed maybe one small tear. Man, did that smart!

Step 4 - Have one parent compliment you on your craft (thank you Melissa S.).

When I get my site is up and running I will then approve your membership to it so you get the same satisfaction you did when Pinterest allowed you on theirs. Is it actually a privilege to be on Pinterst, right?

And then my first pin will be....

I know, you don't have to say it. Dang good, right??


  1. So cute! I'm refusing to join pinterest. I cannot keep up with my life as it is. So, I can honestly say I've seen none that are better than yours! And honestly, I love that there are grapes and goldfish instead of candy!!!

  2. I love it! Good job, Beth!!