Thursday, March 22, 2012

Leaving my babies...

This Saturday, Mr. Shook and I as well as 2 new friends, Joe and Sondra are taking 13 8th graders on a Confirmation retreat. It's just 24 hours, but 24 HOURS without my kiddos. On one hand it's very exciting but on the other hand it's very terrifying. I'm not use to doing this at all. We haven't have the ability or the luxury to leave our kids with anyone for any extended time. Count your blessings now if you have someone who will willingly do that for you. Besides having 2 babies and 2 one night getaways that's the extent of us leaving the kids. They will be fine, I already know that. But let's get to the real topic...

We're taking 14 year olds on an overnighter!! What are we thinking??!!

Actually, I think it will go well. We have spent every Sunday since September teaching the Confirmation class at our church with Joe and Sondra. I have actually learned a lot and our time together has been pretty enjoyable. We are in the home stretch now. Confirmation is April 29th and we will have 13 new members of Morton UMC. A few of our students have started coming to our church because their friends asked them to. A few are soaking up the information like it's sun rays. And let me tell you that is AWESOME!! Mr. Shook spends every Wednesday night will these kids in a youth group type setting. They do some devotion, they do gracing projects and they have fun. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to get a taste of it.

And, I have to say that I hope sometime you get an experience like this in your life. Even when these kids can be silly they are still talking the word of God and really trying to lead real Christian lives.

So as you read this will you please say a prayer for us this weekend. For our 8th graders, for their families, for my family and honestly for me. I hope that we are all aware of God's presence in our lives and this weekend allows us the opportunity to slow down and soak it all in. How great is our God??!!

But, before we leave on the retreat we have one matter of business...THE LINCOLN SCHOOL CARNIVAL!! Maybe all the parents need prayers so we survive it! It is a year's full of fun in 3 short hours! :)

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