Thursday, April 26, 2012

A few things around here...

We've been busy here, how about you?

But we hit a highlight here today...

It's called Kindergarten Round Up!

Today is the day where we go and visit the Kindergarten class and meet the teachers.  The kids stay and listen to a story and do a fun craft while the parents get all the info for the next year.  Having done this two other times I felt pretty confident that it would go well.  And it did!  Doesn't my girl seem ready to conquer school?

And of course Amanda and I had to take our standard photo.  After all, there isn't anyone home to take pictures of us together.  

Last week I had the fun time of chaperoning Amanda and her class on a trip to our local high school where the FFA hosts a Barnyard Zoo.  Here's a picture that I just loved:

That smile speaks volumes!!

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