Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Do you jot down the funny things your kids say and do?  We had one of those moments today and I thought it might be worth sharing, especially if you have a sense of humor.

School has started and we are one week into it which also means we have started homework and bringing home the 2nd grade reading book.  It is one HEAVY book.  Molly was telling me that today they learned about people who are blind and able to read braille.  She was explaining to me how they are talented to learn how to feel the bumps, which are letters, so they can read.

I asked Molly if she shared with her class that her Grandma was blind.  Molly told me no, she didn't share that.  I said maybe your classmates would like to hear about someone who is blind.  Molly said that Grandma was the only person she knows who is blind and she didn't know anyone else who was.  I told her that it was OK to only know one blind person and that although Grandma doesn't know braille her classmates might like to hear about her Grandma and how she listens to book on CD's.

Molly told me that Grandma can't read braille because she isn't talented.

Apparently talented and braille are one in the same. :)
From the mouths of babes...
Thank goodness my Mom would agree with her lack of talent and thank goodness my Mom would also find Molly's comment funny.  Because when you lose your sight or have something debilitating happen to you laughter helps you get through many tougher times.  Believe me we've had our share and we laugh about them all the time!  Even when one isn't talented! 

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  1. Gosh, Beth ... I have missed reading your blog! I came upon it tonight and just started reading and catching up! I read this post and started snickered out loud! That was stinkin' cute that Molly's grandma isnt "talented" to learn Braille. Too cute! Thanks for the late night humor ... I needed it!