Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another phase in life...

I cannot believe that this morning I had to register my first born for kindergarten. Where has the time gone! I have very mixed feelings about the whole thing. I'm very excited for him to go to school and learn more and make friends and officially be a big boy. But I know that once Cameron starts school Molly is right behind him and then the slippery slope has begun. Busy with homework, busy with activities, busy with big kid life. We received a handbook which I haven't read yet. I'm sure it has all the normal rules. I'm sure I won't be surprised at any of the information. The schools here are very well run and have practical ideas. The handbook I didn't receive is the one for the first time school parents. Shouldn't we have some rules established? I think I have some suggestions for the book.

1.) Be prepared for heartache ahead. Your child's feelings will be hurt at least once a year. This is a guarantee. There is little you can do to prevent it.

2.) Don't be surprised when the kiss good-bye turns into a quick wave or a quick mumbled "bye." Happens to the best of them.

3.) Help instill self-confidence in your child. Kindergarten is a time to learn and explore. What were wearing isn't as important as nurturing a confidence in their own abilities.

4.) Learning starts at home. Take time to read with your child. The laundry will still be there but the opportunity to have time with your child will quickly go by. Is anyone really looking at your laundry room any way?

5.) Don't be scared of the unknown with school. Children feed off of your anxieties and will be scared if that's what you show them. Be a confident parent.

6.) Let you child experience new things. Scissors, glue, glitter, paint - kindergarten is a time to experiment. Don't be worried about the mess that they make at school. Half the learning process will be the clean up!

I'm sure there are many more "rules" I could think of but this will be a good start for myself. My baby is getting older. The part that I hate the most about that is that I am getting older, too! But, I still remember my first day of kindergarten! Great memories. :)

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