Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vacation, all I ever wanted...

I don't see a vacation in our future this summer. First of all, it's already July 8th and we don't have one planned. Secondly, school starts here August 19th and the summer is quickly passing. Thirdly, I kept waiting for CAT to take another rolling layoff and the July one has been cancelled and we don't know if one will be taken in August yet. The "thirdly" is a good thing but I was kind of hoping for a little family time. So that leads me to daydream about where I would go if we had the opportunity. There are so many places in the U.S. that I would love to see. Most of them would be much better when the kids are a little older. When I was growing up all, and I mean ALL, of our vacations centered around some kind of history lesson. We have an infamous story, really only funny to my immediate family, about our 17 hour trip from Seville, OH to Williamsburg, VA. It really should have only taken about 8 or 9 hours but we did side trips along the way to Appomattox Courthouse, Monticello (which we only saw the parking lot of) and the University of Virginia Rotunda building. We also did Jamestown and Washington D.C. on the same trip. I think you catch my drift on the history. My Dad is a history lover to say the least! My parents have twice been to the Abraham Lincoln library here in Illinois and loved it. I look forward to visiting it in the next few years when the kids will appreciate it a lot more.

Anyway, allow me to live vicariously through you...share with me your dream vacation location. Or share with me a place that didn't impress you very much. Then I can consider scratching it off my list!


  1. You know I've blogged lots of pics on my OBX vacation! And I can picture your family on that vacation. Were you and Dale in the back of the station wagon?!

    Also, what's the deal on the dining room?!

  2. Totally in the back of a wagon - the only way to ride in the 80's! Mike and I loved the OBX when we went there but I have to tell you true paradise is at Kiawah Island, SC. You would love it! A bit of a hike from your neck of the plains.

    BTW - one of the times we were @ Kiawah (which is about a half hour from Charleston) we went to Fort Sumter just so I could tell my Dad I visited. My Dad insisted that you can't see the end of the civil war without seeing where it began!

  3. Mike doesn't think the dining room looks to bad. It's so hard because the room is empty and the walls are bare. I think once we have furniture and wall decor it will look great. Mike needs to see it in the daylight and not just at night with artifical light, too.

  4. I agree that vacations are not the same with little ones. We have yet to take a REAL vacation (just our family going somewhere to relax) instead of visiting family, but I think we are going to try for next year. And if everyone gets annoyed at us (which they will) tough. So if you know of some great, family friendly, but more secluded (not crowded) places, let me know.
    Don't be jealous of our 18 day "vacation"- I assure you it was anything but a vacation. $2000 and children who were dragged all around to visit non-child-friendly houses does not an enjoyable time make... So you can cross that off your list ;) (I can't say anything about that on my blog, as that would hurt feelings and come across as negative in my hubby's eyes- big no-no's)
    But I am excited to see this dining room- assuming you can see anything in the pictures...